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Hi, I'm Julie. For over 20 years I have developed my skills of working with people across all walks of life and within various sectors, enabling them to recognise and develop their own strengths and capabilities. As an intuitive energy healer, this still underpins my practice- reconnecting people with their inner power and limitless possibilities. 

As a D-Codes™  Level 1 practitioner, this healing modality supports the energetic alignment of body, mind and soul to achieve ultimate harmony and wellness across all layers and levels. Including for example: 

- Energetically connecting to the client so as to intuit where their dis-ease, discomfort or energetic disharmony is held within the body. 

- Exploring and removing energetic blockages and attachments.

- Recognising and supporting the reprogramming of old and unhelpful behaviour patterns and life choices,

- Optimising energetic flow within the body.

- Supporting each client to progress- helping them recognise their unique and unlimited potential, and empowering them to achieve. 

So if you're ready to embark on your ultimate wellness journey, join me for a remote one-to-one session. 

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How I can help...

Allow me to support you to make positive health and wellness shifts across all layers and levels of consciousness. Whether your healing requirements are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature, I can work with you to find the origins of your difficulties, dis-ease or discomfort so as to support and enable your transformative journey. Sessions are bespoke to each individual's requirements, and may incorporate various tools and strategies in order to achieve the shifts that are required. These may include any of the following:

Akashic record reading (collapsing, integrating)
Oracle Card Reading
Running D-codes ™
Guided Meditation
Guided Ho'oponopono Healing and Reconciliation
Emotional Release
Sound Therapy
Crystal Healing

All quantum healing techniques are effectively deployed remotely, and include a post-session check in with each client, so as to track and further support your energetic shifts. 

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What to expect from your session...

Each session will flow uniquely for you and my approach will be determined by what your body & soul require at that time. By connecting to your energetic field remotely, as well as discussing your priorities and goals, I aim to guide you through various interventions to facilitate the shifts that your body requires. In doing so, I take a multi-layered approach; applying various healing techniques across all of the subtle energy bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and supra mental) so as to ensure optimal effectiveness. 

Each session will typically include an energetic body scan, combined with the reading and running of D-Codes™ to support the healing of any energetic blockages or attachments that are held in place. We may explore your Akashic records and look to collapse and integrate any unhelpful, repeating patterns. Emotional release techniques and behaviour re-patterning strategies may also be used to support emotional healing. Where required, I may utilise life coaching skills to explore client's goals and dreams, and helping them to identify their individual pathway to success. 

In any session, I would aim to heal as much as possible during our time together, but as I'm a huge advocate for self empowerment and development, I will usually provide you with strategies and resources for you to continue with your healing journey independently.     


Book a session

Sessions are priced at £45 for 1 hour, and can be facilitated by phone call or video call (either through Facebook messenger or zoom). 

Expressions of interest can be emailed to:

Payment in full is required via PayPal, prior to the session. 

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Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

I appreciate that sometimes things crop up unexpectedly. Should this occur and you need to reschedule, sessions can be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to our agreed session time (via the link in your confirmation email).

Time is valuable for the both of us, and so I would love you to commit to arriving on time for your healing session. Should you arrive more than 15 minutes late, this will be considered a "no-show" and will count as a forfeiture of the booking cost, for which the session will not be rescheduled or refunded. 

In the unlikely event that I cannot attend a session, I will reach out to reschedule with you. If we cannot find a mutually convenient time, a full refund will be offered. 

Legal Disclaimer: Any energetic explorations or treatment should be considered a "complementary therapy", and should not be a substitute for a medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. 

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